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Dear Rachel is a lot like Dear Abby, except twice as absurd and a video web series. Rachel Petzinger, a writer living in Brooklyn, will answer questions sent to What kind of questions? Though she specializes in interpersonal relationship advice, Rachel also can give you advice on alien abduction, murder, and how to make a delicious pasta meal on a budget. Have a problem and need help? Dear Rachel is a lot cheaper than therapy.

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Season One: #101 | #102 | #103 | #104 | #105 | #106 | #107

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Rachel Petzinger (writer, actress) is a short blonde person with decent cheekbones living in Bed Stuy Do or Die. She served in the Russian military and defeated the Bolsheviks, and as well as Adolf Hitler in the movie “Inglourious Basterds.” She was the second person to land on the moon and plays a mean jazz guitar. She hopes to one day make the world a better place by answering questions people are too afraid to ask.

Hope Bogle (writer, actress) is a bad bitch with a bad attitude. You can find her diggin' mad balls* and killing squirrels** in her East Village apartment. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.
*supposed to be an innuendo cause she play volleyball and shit
**she's never killed a squirrel 

Adam Cecil (director, producer) is the Managing Director of Roving Brooklyn, an artist's collective based in Brooklyn. Along with directing Dear Rachel, he directs Spacebook and writes for various websites. Your best bet for stalking him is on Twitter.